Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Its ALL about the Preparation.....

Very Soon we will be posting pictures by the amazing Emily Faulknor. 
She is an amazing photographer who we have had the privilege to work with! Kristy also gets to color and cut her and her husbands hair! It has been a blast getting to know her and have play dates with her adorable son North.
Kristy and I decided that we need some pictures of the 2 of us to put up on our blog, Facebook Page, and Website so that our clients and Brides could get to know us and our company a little better. It was such a fun and CRAZY day! Being that we both have new little Babies, this was quite the task. Aubrey who is Kristy's Daughter is turning 9 months tomorrow and my little Gavin who is 8 months on the 20th. Yes you read that right, they are 5 weeks apart! Yea we are those weird twins who do everything together. But i swear it was not planned or on purpose (it really just happened) 

Gavin & Aubrey La Jolla, Ca May 2011

 Luckily we had my brother help watch them so that we could get our hair and make-up done, and get all of our props together for the shoot.
We wanted to do a very artsy shoot, including hair, make-up and props. As we specialize in Hair and Make-up it was very fun to play with and come up with creative styles that could picture well.

So it all began with lots, and lots of extensions!

Here is Kristy with her daughter Aubrey Trying to balance Mommy time and work!

Make-up Done! Now the hair just setting!
Make-up Done


Now adding in the extensions, and curling them

Just a little something Kristy made for our office!


First style we tried didn't quite turn out the way we wanted!  

Finished Product, a Braid that wrapped around the head! It was perfect!

Stay Tuned for The Professional photos where everything comes together, the outfits, the accesories, the props and the location where we shot! We cant wait to see what Emily has for us!

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