About Us

Taylored Beauty was officially started in 2009 When Twin Sisters Kristy and Stacey "Taylor" (their maiden name) Decided that they were getting far to busy with Makeup and Hair for weddings not to Make it Official and name Their Company: Taylored Beauty

Meet Stacey:

She is the business Savy behind Taylored Beauty. When emailing and calling she is most likely the one you are dealing with. (she also assits at weddings doing hair)

Meet Her Twin Kristy:

Kristy is the Talent behind it all. This is her and her handsome hubby. She has been doing hair for over 10 years in San Diego and works at a Salon in La Mesa, Ca called Solutions. She works magic! 

We also have 3 other hairstylist who work for us and 3 Makeu-up artist. We have established a beauty team here in San Diego who we are proud of and honored that they work for us. 

Alittle more about Kristy and Stacey

Ok, dont be weirded out but...... Stacey and Kristy also have 2 kids, each 1 month apart.(i know creepy twin thing haha)
Kristy has Aubrey 2 1/2
& Harper 1 years old
Stacey has Gavin 2 1/2
& Isabelle 1 years old 

We are excited to meet you and hope to have the honor of being a part of your Wedding Day
Stacey & Kristy

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