Thursday, June 16, 2011

The day of T's...Tall Grass, Talented Photographer, and Two Twins = Terific Photoshoot

We have been trying to figure out a way to introduce ourselves as the owners of this company Taylored Beauty.....  So we decided what better way than what we love to do, a photo shoot of Hair and Make-up! What a blast! We worked with one of our most favorite and talented photogs Emily Faulknor!! She was so fun! She just snapped away and posed us in such creative ways! She made it so easy and FUN! 

Alittle About Us:

Every little girl stands in front of the mirror and pictures themselves as a princess. Dressed in white, bouquet in hand, looking perfect from head to toe, and ready to be whisked away into their very own fairy tail. The day this comes true is the day we get to become a small part of this fairy tail. Kristy Warner and Stacey Harten, “The Taylor Twins”  being that their maiden name is Taylor, began their business of making every little girls dream come true in March of 2010. With a love for others and a talent with beauty, Kristy decided to become a hair stylist in high school. After receiving her license and  ten years of experience, Kristy joined up with her twin sister Stacey to begin what is now a flourishing company.

On August 8th 2008, Kristy Warner did the hair for her twin sister Stacey who was getting married that day. While out taking pictures in her beautiful white dress in Coronado with the wedding party, a little girl walking by with her family pulled on her mothers shirt and said “Look mommy a real princess!” The little girl was pointing to Kristy’s twin, Stacey Harten. In March of 2010 Kristy and Stacey teamed up to begin a business of helping make every woman look like a Princess on their special day. Stacey and Kristy are identical twins and grew up in Northern California. They moved to San Diego in 2003 to pursue their dreams. Kristy began her career as a hair stylist over ten years ago. She found the man of her dreams and was married in March of 2007. Stacey graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in interior design and has a natural knack for beauty. Stacey and Kristy each had their first babies in August and September of 2010. Since their business began, they have done the hair for over hundred brides and bridesmaids. They have also been present at the 2009 and 2010 San Diego Bridal Bazaar. Stacey and Kristy have developed a large web connections from Florists, to photographers, to wedding planners. We can give great recommendations to all, feel free to ask! 

 The Pictures together were the most fun, because we truly are the best of friends, so us holding hands is the perfect picture to tell who we are!

This was such a fun Hair-style that Kristy did on Stacey. She wrapped the Braid all the way around and the hair color (also done by Kristy called "Ombre") looks stunning with all the different colors feeding into the braid.

 Styling the shoot was soooo fun! Especially for Stacey, who is the designer. We loved putting together the accessories that we brought to go with the style of the shoot. Kristy is an excellent stylist (not just hair) clothes also. She has a real knack for putting together accessories and outfits! It was so fun to shop for all of our different looks and put them together!

 Emily found this location where we took all the pictures! This fun Door was such a great Idea!

 Hair and Make-up by: Taylored Beauty  We work with an amazing team of Girls who are all VERY talented at what they do! It makes it fun when we all LOVE so much what we do!

 This was towards the end of the shoot where things started to get alittle silly! We had carried all these pices (including the furniture) out into this field. We must have looked so funny to all those who were walking around. But the pictures came out amazing! I just love the open field in the background.

 This was a pose that we just had to do! When we were younger we had seen the movie Romy and Michelles High School Reunion, and they were known for doing this pose. From then on we would always do this pose for all of our big events, like all of our school Dances. Just something silly that we wanted to add in!

 Sisterly Love!

 And of course one with our amazing photographer Emily Faulknor! Thank you so much Emily! We had a blast and had such a hard time choosing photos, they were all amazing! As you can see by the many that we posted!!!